Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Historians' Dinner Party

Hand in your A4 sheet about your historian. I will make copies for everyone. Take all the 12 sheets home and read them at home.

Start sorting them out at home and create your own harmonious seating plan.
  • It is important you include some key quotes by your historian on your A4. 
  • Your sheet has to be of the highest quality. Interim reports are due soon and I will take the quality of your sheet into account. 
  • Don’t just rely on the information in the handout. You need to do additional research. See the Google Drive (ww1 folder), Google Scholar etc. Your textbook will also have some information on some historians. 
On Monday you will also get your essays back.

No class, opening ceremony

Have the seating plans done, compare and contrast seating plans. We will do some other WW1 related content.

Thursday: Come to S16 at community time for the Dinner party. You will BE the historian.
While the pizza is certainly a nice extra, the key aim of this dinner party is to understand the different and broad historical interpretations in the WW1 debate. Understanding this will be vital for future essays and your exam.

  1. Annika Mombauer Jasmine
  2. Gordon Martel Georgia
  3. AJP Taylor Luan
  4. Sydney Bradshaw Fay Katie
  5. Fritz Fischer Moira
  6. Paul Kennedy Jonah
  7. Christopher Clark Seb
  8. Richard Evans Sumeyya
  9. Max Hastings Jack G
  10. Gary Sheffield Damon
  11. Gerhard Ritter Jack B
  12. Margaret MacMillan Caitlin

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