Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome to IB History

Welcome to IB History:

Keys to success:
  • Learn smart and efficiently
  • Be an active reader (take notes, paraphrase)
  • Learn from each essay
  • Look after each other; it's a group effort
  • Be tech savvy
A suggestion for setting up the folder structure on your computer:

  • Folder: CPE, Sub folders: WW1, WW2, Chinese Civ War.
  • Folder: IB admin (for general handouts, skills booklets, course overview etc)


Read Chapter 1 and write down the meaning of these words:

Imperialism, nationalism, militarism, Social Darwinism, dreadnought, fascism, National Socialism, Weltpolitik, Mitteleuropa, Lebensraum, Central Powers, Prussia, Triple Entente, appeasement, total war, Bolshevism, Great Depression.

Create a chart for these 8 countries: France, Great Britain, Russia, USA, A-H, Germany, Japan, Ottoman Empire. For each, briefly complete the following:
  • Colonial Territories 
  • Nationalism? Based on what? (or not?)
  • Form of government
  • Strong or weak military
  • Friend and foes
  • Economics
  • Anything else...
How are you going to do this homework? You can do it in your workbook, on your computer or you can collaborate on Google Docs. 

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