Saturday, February 15, 2014

The International Council Debate

Homework again for Wednesday

You need to have at least one A4 page which you will share with the class AFTER the debate:
  • War aims
  • Reasons why you entered the war
  • Reasons why your country is NOT to blame for WW1
  • Have questions ready for other countries
  • YOU are the expert on your country!
Every country will get ‘the floor’ for a few minutes to present your case.

  • UK: Moira and Caitlin
  • Russia: Sumeyya and Georgia
  • Germany: Katie and Jasmine
  • France: Luan and Seb
  • Italy and Serbia: Jack and Jack
  • Austria-Hungary: Damon and Jonah

You can bring some food. You can bring country specific props, head dress or anything else.

Ms. V will be the arbiter.

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